Hello world!…aka me.

Hello World!…literally…

Welcome to my blog! As this is my very first post on my very first blog ever, I felt it was appropriate to leave the amusing title to the welcome post wordpress.com left me.  What is this blog about? I am not sure yet.  It would appear that in the last year I have developed an obsession with food blogs, which is ironic since it is only in the last year I expanded my diet to consist of more than pasta, pizza, grilled cheese and cheerios.  So, that was my original goal: starting my very own food blog.  But, with my limited culinary experience, I quickly learned that I have nothing new to offer the internet. So, mostly this blog will be a documentation of how I have expanded my diet to become a health-conscious chef extraordinaire.

While I am at it, I would like to take the opportunity to document my day-to-day experiences and improve on my writing and photography.  For now, this blog will be for my eyes only.  Once I get a more clear direction on where I want to take this, I will open it up to the world…

Well, the ice has been broken.  In the words of the homeless man I met on the streets of downtown Hamilton:

“I am King of the WORLD!”


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