Professional Development

Wohoo, Day two!

For those of you who don’t know (?), I am an undergraduate student at McMaster University completing a double degree in Biology and Psychology.  Last year (my third year) I was hired by the university as a Teaching Assistant for the first year Introduction to Psychology course.  This year, I was *promoted* to the Senior TA position which would mean I would serve as the liaison between about 40 TAs and the Professor/Instructional Staff.  Every week we have a meeting to review the tutorial materials for the following week.  One of my duties is to organize food for these weekly meetings.  What have I interpreted that as?

“Deanna, would you like me to provide you with ingredients and supplies to bake every week? Not only will you bring joy to yourself and others, you will have a lovely cupboard of supplies by the end of the year”

In the words of Tom Cruise in MI:5… Mission accomplished.

For the last 4 and a half months I have been baking oodles of desserts for my coworkers!  Since our meeting time changed to 10:30am I decided breakfast muffins would be the perfect idea!

Click here for title explanation: your back, these muffins are not only delicious… they are watching you.  I found this blueberry muffin recipe on I love this website because of all of the feedback people give!  It is great for any modifications the recipe needs before you try it!  Since these only made 12 muffins, and I was cooking for about 35 while accounting for my roommates+1 digging into them, I decided to try two other muffin recipes as well!

This one also came off of  They are called French Breakfast Muffins and those specs of deliciousness are cinnamon and sugar.  These were my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE FAVOURITE. Partly because I don’t like blueberries, and partly because I know how much buttermilk went into the final recipe.  Deductive reasoning and 1/4 tsp of nutmeg makes these the winners.

Besides my fear of buttermilk, Martha (my bff) knows how to make an indulgent muffin.

These Chunky Apple Muffins taken from were more than I could handle.  I may have psychologically manipulated my boyfriend into eating more and more of these just so I could steal a bite from each and not feel guilty.  FACT: You don’t gain the calories when it comes from someone else’s plate! It’s science people…

The muffins turned out to be a big hit!  Oddly, every time I told someone I made them I got the same response: “You made them? Like from scratch?”. Yes from scratch.  I don’t consider it baking if it comes from a box.  Along with the Ph.D I hope to one day attain I would also like to be a housewife (not really but some Dr/Housewife hybrid would be nice).  Housewives own the term “from scratch”.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be preparing some more sweet treats for our next meeting!

-Outz (I will come up with something better eventually so you don’t start hating me.)


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