Tagalong Time!

If Reece’s Pieces made a cookie, this is what it would taste like.

I found this recipe on thenovicechefblog.com, and had to make these Thursday night for our weekly TA meeting on Friday.

While making these, I had a full kitchen.  As I predicted, my five roommates and their plus one’s were in and out of the kitchen waiting for one to break keeping me company all night. My roommate bestie Kate thinks they look like fried eggs covered in chocolate…and has referred to them as that since.

These were really easy to make, although I was in the kitchen all night.  Next time I will make them a little smaller so I can eat more of them with less guilt so I can feed more people :).

Normally I don’t eat my own baking, but once the girls convinced me to cut one open to take a picture, I couldn’t help myself.  This made it even more difficult to hold some back to share with the boy since he was out of town for a few days.

Cue the optimism: luckily (for the boy) I left the house before 10am Friday and had the longest work day of my life (followed by a little play) and did not get in until the wee hours of the morning.  After our meeting and a few hours of class, I stuck around campus to prepare for the TA orientation night.  After the orientation, we headed to the campus pub to…”professionally develop”.  Normally, these cookies would have been the perfect late night snack, but my friend Paul and I ordered a heaping plate of veggies and dip at the bar.  Actually, we asked the waitress to substitute every vegetable that wasn’t a carrot or celery with more carrots and celery.  Don’t even ask me when carrots and celery became my drunk food “late night snack” of choice.

Moving on, I woke up nice and early Saturday to meet my mom at a nearby mall for a little retail therapy.  My mom found a beautiful dress from Melanie Lynn to wear to a gala next month.  I was having bad shopping karma until I stopped by Fortino’s to pick up a few ingredients for dinner since the boy would finally be home.  Then on my way to the cash I bought $90 worth of Joe Fresh athletic wear.  No big deal.  In order to reduce my anxiety from my impulsive behaviour I have been wearing all the clothing I bought for the last 24 hours.  Don’t worry I haven’t left the house since then.

Moral of the story is I was able to make it two days without eating the delicious cookies, and I am glad I did.  The boy was able to down each of these in one bite.

This is definitely one to save.



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