The Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year (‘s eve)!

The girls and I made a nice Asian-style dinner tonight completely by chance as celebration for the Chinese New Year!  When I was in Vegas this summer we ate at the Cheesecake Factory in Caesar’s Palace and my dad ordered the Thai Lettuce Wraps.  I am not really one for Thai food, but it had a bunch of veggies that I liked so I went for it.  I fell in love.  The peanut sauce, something I had never had before, was so tasty! I also loved the fact that it was a carb-less meal.  My roommate Katie texted me this afternoon telling me she was picking up some peanut sauce and we were going to recreate the meal.

We pretty much nailed it… except for the peanut sauce.  It was not so much ‘nutty’ as it was ‘curry-flavoured’.  Now I have never tried curry (and don’t intend on it in this life time–some things I just won’t budge on) but it tasted how curry smells.  Also, my well-cultured roommate Kate confirmed that it did have a curry flavour.  So yeah, I’m not crazy.  Anything that you could use the word ‘curry-flavoured’ to describe = not going in my mouth.  But never fear, we had garlic hoisin sauce (also a first for me) and some old-reliable balsamic vinaigrette.  I know your thinking “you basically removed all things Asian-inspired from this meal”… but the point is I tried. And right before you think there was nothing Asian in this meal, my amazing roommate Tran came home with some Chinese New Year treats for us!

Tran is half Chinese-half Vietnamese and was home this weekend celebrating the New year with her family.  In many Asian countries it is tradition to give a red envelope filled with a monetary gift on special occasions.  Well since we are poor students, and a house full of girls, we received the most appropriate equivalent:

Pink envelopes with chocolate coins.

This was probably the most thoughtful gift I could have received, and not surprisingly from the most thoughtful person I know.  Of course these chocolate coins lasted as long as real money does around here.  I am going to blame it on this particular week of the month and my need to revisit my childhood whenever possible, and not my obsession with chocolate.

This year is the year of the dragon:

Never cautious, the Dragon is not afraid when faced with a challenge. They will defend and protect any cause close to their heart. Confident and strong, they enter all battles. Dragons are known for their powerful and majestic spirit.

I hope that we can all channel our inner-dragon this year.



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