Snow Storm With a Side of Roasted Tomato Soup

When I woke up this morning (a little too early for a Sunday morning) I Skyped with my sister (who knows why she was up at that hour too) and got an early start to the day.  When I looked outside to plan what I was going to wear it was beautiful!  We are talking April weather (minus the showers).  The ground was dry, the sun was shining, I threw on my sweats and runners and headed to campus to run some errands.  When I got back I realized I needed to pick up fresh basil for the roasted tomato soup I planned on making today.  Again, the weather was still beautiful.  We have had maybe one snow fall in Hamilton this whole winter season.

By 2:00pm as I was preparing to make the soup this is what it looked like:

Seriously…I was wearing my running shoes this morning.

I was in shock for about 3 seconds until realized I had nowhere else to go today and was about to make this FANTASTIC recipe from  That’s right, I am two for two with this blog and I am starting to think they were sent to this world wide web to help ease me into trying new things.

I have never tried Tomato Soup before.

To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t eat anything but tomato sauce until about a year ago.  To clarify, I always loved Ketchup and Ketchup chips… but that is not included in the current category.

My tomato-transition-timeline goes as follows: Tomato sauce->chunky tomato sauce->cooked tomatoes->bruschetta->raw tomato on sandwhiches (Wow! Big step Red!)->raw tomato in salad!!!

You can’t blame me for taking so long though…

…how are you supposed to trust something that acts like a vegetable but apparently is a fruit.  Seems shady to me.

When I think of tomato soup, I think of my mom.  While I always had chicken noodle soup, sans the chicken, my mom would make her and my sister tomato soup. I always loved the way it smelled, even though I was pretty convinced that it was the most disgusting thing they could be eating.  That was one thing I wish I could have liked, just so I could have joined in.

The minute these ingredients started boiling in that pot I knew I hit the jackpot.  For the first 15 minutes the girls and I took turns lifting the lid of the pot to suck in as much of that smell as possible.  After about 15 minutes we didn’t need to lift the lid anymore.  Our entire house was filled with the glorious smell of tomatoes, basil, garlic and onions.

The idea of this should be making you salivate right now.

I give you permission…to start salivating… like now…

Sadly there was no grilled cheese sandwich with this meal.  If Momma Red was here I would have never gotten away with that.  I guess I was just too eager to eat I couldn’t imagine having to wait for the grilled cheese to cook.

Turns out I love tomato soup.  I bet it would have fallen after “cooked tomatoes” in the tomato-transition-timeline, if only I tried it sooner.  No use dwelling on the past though.  This recipe made enough for 4-5 people, meaning I was able to freeze the leftovers.  I will wait for a special night to finish the rest, when I am missing my mom and wishing I was at home.  I will make sure to share with the boy, and I will make sure I make a grilled cheese for dunking.




3 thoughts on “Snow Storm With a Side of Roasted Tomato Soup

  1. I actually love your blog. There’s something insanely theraputic about it 🙂 Kind of reminds me of my home. It’s got a very warm friendly feeling. KEEP WRITING!! I’M HOOKED!!

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