To New Beginnings!…

Congrats to me!!!

I am the proud tenant of my very own 1 bedroom apartment! By the end of this April, all my girls will be graduating and moving on to bigger and better things.  I however, am not ready to part with the cozy little life I have created for myself here at McMaster and will be returning for a fifth year.

Leaving the girls will not be easy; we have had an amazing four years.

This is why I made the decision to live alone instead of try to rebuild what I was so lucky to be given in the first place.

The minute I saw the kitchen in this new apartment I knew it was mine.

I have seen a lot of kitchens in the past 3 years, and I know that one like this is hard to come by.  I can picture myself making these already:

Or these.

Or these.

..or these, or these, or these.

‘These’ has stopped sounding like a real word. Hmph. I don’t like the feeling of it.

All I can think about is all of the kitchenware that I am going to buy for my new kitchen.  I may have to walk to campus every time I need to use the bathroom since I probably won’t be able to afford toilet paper and soap for a while…

So, a toast is in order…

To my new kitchen (who cares about the rest of it, really), to my girls who are brilliant and not only survived but succeeded in the last four years of their degree, and to all the great things to come in the next four years (I am hoping that is weddings and babies for at least some of you…)!!!!!

Can you spot a little red?

Best :).

2 thoughts on “To New Beginnings!…

  1. I spot the little red! So happy for you and cannot wait to visit your brand new kitchen. These past four years have been nothing short of incredible with you.

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