Baby Shower Themed Super Bowl Party!

Just kidding, it was an actual baby shower.

One of the Reds’ close family friend Michelle is having a baby!

I am not going to lie to you, I am baby crazy.  As I get older I feel myself inheriting more and more maternal qualities from my mom, and cannot wait to have kids of my own.  Yes, I am only in my early 20s and yes, I picture the next 7 years of my life being consumed with obtaining my PhD.  But, once I am done I  WILL have babies, I WILL film every moment of their lives, I WILL encourage them to do ridiculous things for my entertainment and I WILL use it as ammunition to embarrass them later in life.

I am sure it will bring us close together.  They will love me.

As a gift and a way to thank the family for everything they have done for us, Momma Red wanted to take care of the cake for the baby shower.

In honor of the family’s Irish roots, the theme of the shower was Afternoon Tea.

Eileen, the grandma-to-be, had about 50+ unique vintage tea cups to choose from.  They were perfect for setting the tone for the party.

A traditional Afternoon Tea involves the serving of small sandwiches, scones and pastries, so in order to keep with the theme Momma Red and I thought that cake pops were a perfect idea for the party!  Our friend Janet who did an amazing job on my mom’s wedding cake, and who was the excellent instructor for the cake decorating class I took last summer (pictures of my very first cake should surface evenually…) agreed to take care of the cake pops for us.

She was outstanding.

I want to nibble the little feet right off a baby this cake pop.

Janet’s attention to detail made these so special for Michelle’s shower.

She even went as far as to hand paint the pots for us to match the decor of the party.

I can safely say that when I attempt to make my own cake pops, I will try to make them equally as trendy as these.

Since no celebration is complete without the physical cutting of the dessert, Janet also designed a cute little cake to accompany the pops. It was simple and stunning.

It was also chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache so it was heavenly scrumptiously satisfying on top of all of that other stuff I just mentioned.  One day I hope to be able to create these things for my friends and family when they have babies.  A bit more confidence, practice and decorating lessons from Janet and I should be on my way.

Congrats Michelle, we are so happy for you.



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