Here’s a story, about a lovely lady…


I am writing to you from a secret, remote location where your laundry mysteriously gets washed for you and your meals appear in front of you a second before your stomach growls!

Reading week just started so I have come home to catch up on some much needed sleep homework!  The great thing about going home is that nothing changes.  It is still the three girls, sitting in front of the fireplace watching the food network and fiddling on our computers.

Ironically, while it still feels like nothing has changed around here, tomorrow marks the one year anniversary when everything changed. Yes friends, its been one year since Mike and the boys officially became part of our family.

Momma Red’s wedding was one of the happiest days of my life.  It was an intimate ceremony/reception with only our closest friends and family.  It was most appropriate that the wedding took place over family day weekend, since the theme of the wedding was family, and the day was less about my Mom and Mike getting married, and more about two families joining to become one.  We couldn’t have found better male counterparts for our house of women.

It’s not all rainbows and jellybeans, however.  Mike has some very distinct personality traits that have started to rub off on my mom.  Mike is quite the story teller!  Like that time he convinced a friend of mine that pirates wore patches over one eye so one eye is already adjusted to the darkness if they needed to see at night.  Or that time he tried to convince us that the reason he wore glasses was because a snake bit him in the eye when he was a kid.

Mike can also be inappropriate some times! Like this Christmas when he came into the house holding a giant box in front of him and exclaimed to Jess “Look! It’s like that song on SNL! One, you cut a whole in the box…”. Oh, but don’t worry, this is the perfect time to demonstrate how this is rubbing off on Momma Red as well, since she joined in on the singing for steps two and three…

Jessica is usually the target of this inappropriate behaviour.  Like that time she decided to call home and my mom interrupted her early in the conversation to tell her she couldn’t talk, since Mike was chasing her around the house…

Disturbing, right? {Btw, this post may be my last after Momma Red reads this…}

What is more disturbing is how Jessica thought I would want to hear the story…

I was safe for a while, until late one night when I texted my mom to show her the delicious cookies I had just finished baking.

Let me digress for one moment to tell you about these cookies.  I found two delicious cookie recipes off of How Sweet It Is to make for our weekly meetings last semester.

The first was this Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie recipe.  Chocolate chip = win.  Peanut Butter = win. Whole Wheat + doesn’t taste like whole wheat = healthy + win. Healthy = win. Therefore: Chocolate chip + Peanut Butter + Whole Wheat + doesn’t taste like whole wheat = win + win + win + win =  4win.

Well I’m sorry, that got carried away.  Basically they were really good.

The second recipe was this recipe for White Chocolate Mocha Cookies. White Chocolate = win. Mocha… just kidding 🙂

For someone who doesn’t drink coffee, the flavour of these cookies were so nice without being really overpowering on the coffee side.

There were no leftovers.

Now I would like to regress. Regress? Re-digress? Up-gress? Back-gress? I just googled it, I was right the first time.

Here is the exchange of text messages that occurred between my mom and I after baking these cookies:

I laugh but only because I am uncomfortable.

{And yes, I still call my parents Mommy and Daddy, I don’t care. A car salesman once told me that there was something angelic about a young woman calling her father ‘Daddy’ so we’re good… that’s also a story for another day.}

In the end, no matter what disturbing things I have to endure, I am happy for my mom, and Mike, and my family.

Here are some of the highlights from the wedding:

The boys.

The Girls.

The Family.

Lots of laughs.

And lots and lots of love!

Thanks to 3Photography for doing such an amazing job on the photos!

Have an amazing Family Day!




4 thoughts on “Here’s a story, about a lovely lady…

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen…we have another winner here and I do not just mean the delicious looking cookies. Love from another part of your family 🙂

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