I tend to go through phases where I obsess over things…

This weekend I was able to finish the final book of the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay.

In the book {don’t worry I am not going to give anything away}, one of the main characters, is captured by the “bad guys” and has all of his/her memories altered.  When he/she is rescued by “the good guys” he/she has a hard time sorting through which memories were true and which were fabricated.  In order to help him/her out, they play a game of “Real or not real”.  The way it works is the character will say, “Real or not real? Insert confusing memory here“.  Then the people around him/her will give him/her the answer.  Let’s play…(I will start off with an easy one)

Real or not real? I am obsessed with the hunger games trilogy.

I think we all know the answer to that.

Real or not real? I spent two weeks obsessed with self-diagnosing.  In a matter of a few days, I diagnosed myself with Tetanus and Diabetes.

Real or not real? I am obsessed with QuiBids.

Real or not real? I am obsessed with all things cinnamon.

Okay friends, I have made this really easy for you… all of these things are real.

Hunger games: I essentially read each book within a 4 day period (each).  I am not even that ashamed to admit it.  Obsessed.

Self-Diagnosing: I know it’s bad.  Being a Biology major makes it even worse… I know just enough information about my symptoms for my speculations to be plausible, but not enough information for them to be true.  Just in case you are wondering, I scratched my hand on a metal hook in the Apple store and it stung for 3 days… tetanus was a possibility…Obsessed.

QuiBids: An auctioning website where a person could actually pay minimum 60 cents for a $500 KitchenAid mixer?!  Okay people, this website seemed too good to be true.  I spent 3 hours studying this website last night.  The only conversation I was able to hold during that time was about QuiBids.  I have friends that have used it so I know it is legit.  It just seems so easy.  Too bad I hate gambling (i.e. losing) so the probability of me actually using this website is slim.  I still created an account though.  Obsessed.

Cinnamon: So. Damn. Tasty. Obsessed.

I was craving a hearty, fiber-full muffin this weekend and found this Banana-Nut Oat Bran Muffin off of you-guessed-it… Two Peas and Their Pod.  {This is not an obsession, this is a love}.  It didn’t have any cinnamon in it, and while I still added some in that wasn’t going to cut it. I found this cinnamon crumb topping off of another muffin recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod again, and decided to throw it on top.  I am like an addict.  I am starting to up my dosage because a regular amount of cinnamon isn’t doing it for me anymore.  I was going to make an Amy Winehouse joke here but it might still be too soon and bad karma.  I said it in my head though, it isn’t still bad karma is it? P.s. spell check suggested that ‘Winehouse” was meant to be “Whorehouse”. Okay I am done.

If you are looking for a light, fluffy muffin, don’t make these.  These are dense and chewy and so satisfyingly filling.

They are made with oat bran, egg whites, and agave nectar so unless you pile a tonne of crumble topping on them they are relatively healthy!

The recipe calls for walnuts but I decided to leave them out.  Also, the batter was pretty thick even though the recipe warned otherwise.  Next time– and there will be a next time because these literally took 30 minutes from start to finish– I will use larger/more bananas and only 2 cups of oat bran, and maybe that will thin it out bit more.

Like all of my obsessions, this cinnamon thing will probably fade out soon.  I will either up the dosage too much and OD or get bored and move on.  I am still not done with QuiBids yet…

For a while I thought Little Red Delicious was just another obsession of mine, but it seems to have stuck with no signs of unsticking.  Guess what!?  LRD’s 6 month anniversary falls on the exact day of my birthday, which is a Sunday, which is the day that I write new posts.

Real or not real?  I have been obsessing all day about the foods I am going to make myself on my birthday.




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