Thai like it, Thai love it, Thai want some more of it!

Can you smell that?!?!?

No my friends, that is not the delicious Peanut Chicken Pasta Salad that I made.

That is the smell of spring!!

It was 16 degrees Celsius today!!! And sunny!!!

Look at all these exclamation marks!!!! Can you see how happy this is making me!!!


Today I heard someone say, “I can’t even enjoy the nice weather because I know it isn’t going to last.”


A) You’re a pessimist.

B) That is exactly why you should enjoy the nice weather… who knows when we will get another day like today in the next few weeks!!!

Despite the nice weather it has been extremely windy in Hamilton. We have had wind gusts of about 35km/h around here!!  I was literally blown off my feet.  Also, I must look really scary walking around outside without my hair tied back because my shadow looks like Medusa and I can’t see a damn thing with my hair whipping me in the face! When deciding when to leave for school I now have to factor the wind into my walking time.

Enough about the weather, we can save that talk for that awkward encounter with the guy you introduce yourself to only for him to tell you that he knows who you are, he lived across the hall from you in first year.

Lets talk about how proud of me you are for venturing into the world of Thai!

If you remember back to this post when we made Thai Lettuce Wraps, you would remember that we used a peanut sauce that had the c-word in it… {curry}. Blahk!  When I found this recipe for Peanut Chicken Pasta Salad, I knew that I wanted to make it, but only under the condition that I found a different peanut sauce.  I found this brand at the farmers market (although I am sure you can find it in many grocery stores) and it was great!!!

Like it says on the label, it is mildly spicy, but more than tolerable for someone who doesn’t eat spicy food!

I also got to practice my blanching skills, and these snow peas were tender and sweet!!!

FUN FACT: Snow peas were one of the few vegetables I just tried raw one day, instead of on pizza or in pasta!

This dish was awesome! I had never tried Pad Thai noodles before this.  I always heard they were really tricky to cook properly but I didn’t have any problems by following the steps from this recipe.

The dish was really light and refreshing and could be served hot or cold!  I can imagine this would be really nice served cold on a hot summer day (although anything would be nice on a hot summer day… except snow)!

For those of you who still don’t believe I have been converted to Thai, you might be interested to know that I am going for Thai food with my girls before the Hamilton Art Crawl this Friday!  I will update you via twitter on how it goes!!

I hope that you had an equally beautiful day wherever you are reading from!



P.s.  This song was originally written about curry… then they turned it into a PSA for children…

If you play this video on mute it is actually terrifying. As terrifying as eating curry. Sorry if this gives you nightmares.


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