Which season is the best?

Nobody can say it better than Kevin Malone:

Oh the spring time thinks that it’s the best,

And fall time thinks that it’s the best.

Cold time has kind of a strut,

And Valentine’s thinks that it’s the best.

But gather round peeps,

I’ll tell you the truth…

Nothin’ beats the cookie season.

And that’s the truth.

Creed is my all time favourite character on the show, but Kevin really took the cake this week.

I think that says it all.

I am alive and well writing this post so I survived Thai night! We went to Pho Da Bou on James St. North before the art crawl started on Friday night.  I ordered the Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Chicken:

I wasn’t crazy about the sauce that came with it so I just ended up pouring peanut sauce on it.  I probably won’t order it again but I did try Kat’s Pad Thai and would order that because I really liked it even though it was a bit spicy!

Back to my one true love:

Ever since Kevin Malone’s jingle on The Office on Thursday night, I have been craaaving cookies.

Unfortunately this weekend I had a case of the “Lazys” and didn’t feel like getting out a million ingredients to bake.  I found this recipe for Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies which didn’t contain any gluten or dairy–the two messiest ingredients in my opinion.  I can’t add flour to something without leaving a light dusting all over the place, as demonstrated here… I wasn’t even using the flour on that side of the counter.  Also, who wants to clean chunks of butter out of a measuring cup? Not me… even without the lazys.

Although Kevin has the cognitive abilities of a four year old we are similar in our love for the cookie.  If you love peanut butter, make these now kk??

Here are some of my favourites from the Art Crawl …



Things I want for my new place… (if I had money)

I love these owl pillows so much!

Too bad my new place doesn’t have exposed brick…or this frame..

This may be the only thing I could realistically afford.  I still may go back and buy it…

Loved the colours in this tea towel. Did not like the price tag.

Things I want for me…

I really feel like I should own this.

This card exposes the real me. I have a keen sense of smell:

A fun activity in one of the galleries we went into:

My answer…

Sew much love.

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