The Black Keys

I am going to the Black Keys Concert tonight at the Air Canada Centre!!!

I am sew sew sew excited.  The last time they played around here was last summer and the boy and I were unable to get tickets.  I literally had to listen to the boy curse at how expensive the tickets were and how fast they sold.

“A few years ago nobody knew who they were. I could buy a ticket to see them for less then $20!”

Yep. Now everyone has heard their music because they are really good and they have to play at bigger venues thus the increase in ticket prices… so lets move on…

Negative.  No moving on for some people.

Luckily in early December we were able to snag two tickets to their Toronto show tonight. This was a double blessing from God in that I was going to see the Black Keys and the boy was released from the tragedy that was his life since he didn’t get to see them last summer (trust me this was more of a blessing for me than for him).  I really loved their last album Brothers way more than I like their new album El Camino, so I am hoping they play more from their last album.  Their last album Brothers reminds me of the music we used to listen to as kids when my parents hosted barbeques in the summer.  Listening to the song Everlasting Light in this warm weather we are having throws me back into the cool grass in our backyard with the smell of burgers and wings cooking on the barbeque.  I can picture my mom in the kitchen chopping tomatoes and washing lettuce–sending out the buns and slices of cheddar cheese to be put on the grill and burgers.  Yelling at me as I tried to sneak cucumbers from the salad. Ughh, I am depressed getting carried away.  Summer, when will you be here?

I usually try to tie my recent cooking experiences with my rants life stories but I actually have nothing.  The best I have got is that my Seasonal Affective Disorder has lead me to crave carbs lately.  So, on a completely unrelated note, I made calzones for dinner this past weekend!

I stumbled upon this recipe for Healthy Homemade Calzones from Nicoles Nutrition. I picked up some fresh spinach and low fat ricotta from the farmers market and whole wheat pizza dough from Metro [I know Shmetro has the worst produce in the world but they are one of the few places that I have found sell whole wheat pizza dough].  The whole wheat pizza dough definitely has a different taste, although it wasn’t noticeable at all when I made this pizza a month ago.  Since the calzone was a little more doughy you could really taste the difference in texture and flavour.  I didn’t really mind at all, although I know some people might.  You can’t really screw up pizza…unless you do something radical like put pineapple on it. So gross.

For those of you thinking:

I love pineapple on pizza!

I am shaking my head at you right now.  And if you know me, feel free to picture my disgusted face staring down on you.

The filling for this pizza was dee-lish.

As long as you keep the cheese low fat and partly-skimmed you got yourself some pretty healthy filling.  One tip is to really taste the filling before stuffing the dough, I went a little skimpy on the salt side.  Usually I can get away with cutting back the salt but lets face it, I am not that concerned about clogged arteries and a little bit of salt doesn’t scare me once in a while.

I don’t own a pizza stone [yet] so I lined the cookie sheet with parchment paper and that seemed to get the crust nice and crispy.

I was so hungry by the time it was done I cut it open, took a bite, and burnt my tongue.

[Tongue is the hardest word to spell!!! The spelling makes no sense!]


Someone who shall remain anonymous just admitted to pretending to be in The Black Keys and play air guitar with a hanger.  This is a no-judgement zone though… don’t worry, we won’t make a Lonely Boy out of you. Pun intended. Hehoha

If you want some suggestions for some Black Keys material, the two songs with the highest play count on my iTunes are Unknown Brother and These Days.

Have an AMAZING Wednesday! Look forward to a warm end-of-week and a nice cold glass of green beer!



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