“Are you high?”

Quibids is so two weeks ago.

I have moved on to bigger and better things.

About a week ago I was conversing with my roommates in the Kitchen and my roommate Megan said something that would change the rest of my life the next two weeks of my life.

“You must have a tonne of Aeroplan points since your mom works for Nestle”

To  which I responded:

“No actually, we don’t collect Aeroplan points… we collect Air Miles”.

To which Megan responded:

“Oh, I just figured because they come with all of the boxes of chocolate and ice cream…”


“Can you use them for things other than flights and hotels?”


“Yeah, I think so…”

Light Bulb!!!

I went over to my computer and scouted out the Aeroplan website and came across this gem.

Hello KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment that can be all mine for 13 000 Aeroplan points.

For the next 24 hours I went into code-Red-mode.  I call it code-Red-mode because it is a safety emergency for my life.  I am surprise my friends and family have been able to withhold strangling when I get like this (which is often). For those of you who don’t know me, this is when I am literally trapped inside my own head.  I see nor hear nothing.  For those of you who doknow me a) I apologize, but you know I can’t control it b) you can attest to the following information about code-Red-mode:

a) It is recognizable by my unblinking stare into the abyss

b) No physical or verbal response to what is being said

c) Followed by one or more of the following statements: “What did you just say {five minutes ago}”, “What {Insert any problem that would have been discussed and resolved 10 minutes prior to this question}?”, and everyone’s favourite, “Sorry, I’m not listening to you”.

Now, since I cannot remember whether I was or was not in this state is enough to actually confirm that I went into code-Red-mode.  Sorry for whoever I talked to during that period of time.

So, 13 000 point seems like a lot right? Momma Red thought so too…

She was just a non-believer.  The great thing about mom’s though is that they support you even when they think you are crazy.  This happens a lot in my family… specifically with me.  I have received all but like 10 of my points from my mom so far.

I know what you are all thinking.

LA LA LA LA LA. I’m not listening.

While searching the aeroplan website I discovered this cookware brand called Joseph Joseph.

Oh Ma Gawd. Like wow. Wooow. All of their stuff is so cute! And relatively affordable!!!  I will order this stuff through amazon.ca once I move into my new place:

How badass are these cutting boards!!! Such a good idea and cute to store out in the open!

Three words: essential, storage-friendly, rainbow.

Now I will never have to toss the salad with my hands in front of my dinner guests when I forget the salad tongs, anymore! I am just kidding… that never happens when I have guests.

I cooked something.

It was really good.

It will be even better the next time I make it with my crusted tilapia.

I found this recipe for Lemony Pasta with Asparagus while browsing on Gojee.  The recipe is from a site called Food52.  This website is as badass as those cutting boards by Joseph Joseph.  Seriously check it out they have everything and it all looks amazing.  The photography is right up my ally and they have a lot of beginner-friendly recipes that turn out looking more than beginner.

Y’all know what my pee smelled like that night!

Too much, too soon?

Sorry, I will never say ‘y’all’ again… I thought I would give it a try but it makes me seem like I am coming on too strong.

This pasta was as fresh as all of this sunny spring weather we have been having!

I used up the rest of the ricotta cheese from when I made these calzones.

Seriously, next time I will slap some fish on this baby.  And when I say fish I mean tilapia, which I have officially removed from the food group fish so that I can actually be friends with it.  It’s not fish if it is delish!

Moral of the story:

If you have aeroplan codes leave a comment with them.  Then I will make frozen yogurt! This will not benefit you at all! I mean, I would try to send some to you but it would probably just melt by the time it gets there…okay?

Also, check out http://www.food52.com. It is such a great website!

Lastly, fish are friends! Except tiaplia! Because it isn’t a fish anymore!

Sorry for the strange mood, all of this fresh air is like a drug. Also I drank a coffee. Yesterday. Kidding, like 10 minutes ago.

Happy Wednesday!




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