Everybody Loves a Good Comeback.

1. Britney Spears

2. Lance Armstrong

3. Onesies

4. Donald Trump

5. Michael Jordan

6. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are on their comeback tour.

I don’t know why they had such a bad rap in the first place; all i know is that as a kid you were supposed to refuse to eat them if your parents served them for dinner. Also, didn’t realize it was “Brussels” and not “Brussel” until this moment, right now.  Spell-check is one of the best things that happened to this blog.

You know what else is on its comeback tour for me? Going to the movies.  Before this past summer I could count the number of times I went to the theater in the last four years on one hand.  Going to the movies became so expensive and there was rarely any movies that I had a desire to see.

Did you know that a small popcorn is upwards of $5.00.  I couldn’t believe it! When I expressed my disbelief out loud to the girl working at the concession stand, instead of looking offended, she looked embarrassed and proceeded to tell me that it came out to over $6.00 with tax!  Now, I don’t eat popcorn so it doesn’t really matter to me anyways, but I was floored at the idea of paying +$6.00 for a small popcorn.

Also, if I can’t whip up dinner fast enough to make it to the early show I can’t go to the movies.  Why do they all start at 10:00 PM? That is my bedtime.

I know I am ranting about how bad the movies are but my point of this all was actually the opposite. This past summer I really made an effort to go to see a movie on “Toonie Tuesday” aka $6.50 Tuesday. Continuing that throughout the year was a bit unrealistic but I am slotting it back into my Tuesday nights as often as I can.  I have seen not one but two movies this week and enjoyed going to both of them!  As long as I go on a full stomach with no desire to buy snacks and make it to the early show I would like to try my hardest to go see a movie every other week.

This past Tuesday I saw 21 Jump Street. Please go see this movie.  It is hilarious.

I laughed so hard that I cried, which never happens to me when watching movies.  Even if I thought a movie was really funny I  rarely laugh. Again, I cried.

Jonah Hill is hilarious.  I was the loudest person in the theater.  I was that girl.  Even when nobody else was laughing I was dying.  In that case I may have been the only one that thought it was funny…

…no, impossible it was hilarious.

Also, Johnny-McSexy-Depps-Sexystein made a cameo appearance which really just topped the whole thing off.

hi… heh…

Friday I went to see the Hunger Games {of course}.  It lived up to my expectations and I thought it was really good but I don’t want to talk about it anymore.  I have spent the last three days critically analyzing it with all of the women in my life and I am not so to speak Hungry for the Hunger Games movie anymore.

I will say that we went to the 3:50 PM show and I am so glad that we did.  We didn’t have to wait in any lines, and our theater wasn’t even full.  When we were leaving the theater the lineup for the next show was outrageous.  It went from the individual theater all the way outside the entire building and down the road!

I would have left.

Back to my favourite comeback of the week…

Lately I have been seeing a lot of recipes for Brussels Sprouts that are shredded and uncooked.  I much prefer the crunchy taste of the uncooked Brussels Sprouts!

Whilst creeping my new favourite food-site http://www.food52.com, I found this recipe for Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Red Onion, Lemon, and Pecorino.  I think I am on a lemon kick.  Citrus is just a great transition from Winter to Spring!  It makes you forget that winter may still be lingering…

Also, lemons remind me of the sun!

The boy and I grilled some chicken to pair with the salad and were both thoroughly satisfied at the end of the meal.

We went a little heavy on the red onion, so I would caution you to use less than recommended in the recipe and slice it as thin as you can so the flavour of the onion doesn’t overpower the rest of the salad.

So glad the sproutz made a comeback!  Try this recipe if you are looking for something crunchy and fresh that won’t leave you in a food coma!

While Brussels Sprouts made an elegant return to the kitchen, here are a list of things that will should never make a comeback:

1. Scrunchies

2. The Darkness (British Rock Band that just released a new single (that sounds like their last one) but really hasn’t contributed anything to music since 2004’s ‘I believe in a thing called love’)

3. Frosted tips

4. Lindsay Lohan



P.s. For those of you wondering what a food coma is, here is Nonno Red executing it perfectly after lunch today:

God bless him… mid-channel-change and all.


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