I Wave My White Flag.

Cupboard challenge 2012 has just gotten out of hand.

For the last week I have either eaten out or eaten cereal.  I had to end it.  I ran out of cereal…

All I had left was a can of chickpeas in my cupboard.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  All I had left in my cupboard that I would actually eat at this point was a can of chickpeas.  So, last night, before I ran out of cereal, I was searching for recipes that I could make with chickpeas.  So again, I should rephrase… I was searching for a recipe for a tasty dressing I could put on my can of chickpeas so I actually felt like I was eating more than a can of chickpeas.

While browsing gojee.com, I found some delicious recipes that called for chickpeas.  I decided to bookmark them for when I actually bought groceries again, not knowing that the time would come so soon.  So, when I threw in the towel this morning I pulled up this recipe for this Everyday Chickpea Salad.  The picture just looked so goood, and I haven’t had fresh produce in what feels like a year.

I was so ecstatic to cut onions again that I cried my eyes out the whole time!

I tried to limit my groceries to the produce section, with the exception of cereal and milk.  I went JUMBO with my cheerios and it doesn’t matter… I will personally walk that baby over to my new house if I don’t finish it by moving day.  Cheerios are always the exception to the rule.

a) You can’t eat the same thing for breakfast lunchanddinner…except for cheerios.

b) If you add spoiled milk to something you shouldn’t eat it…except for cheerios

c) If there is a snowstorm/ tornado/ hurricane you should stay in the safety of your home… except if you are out of cheerios…then you should walk that money maker to the store and buy some.

I was concerned about grinding up those cashews for the dressing, since I don’t have a food processor nor should I be eating cashews, but I replaced the cashews with peanut sauce and the dressing was perfect.

The girls and I made a bunch of delicious things for dinner, the salad only being one of them.  I have eaten so poorly in the last week that tonight I gave myself a food baby.  I just couldn’t stop eating.

Can we all look at that weird-ass chickpea in this photo? Seriously, what happened to it?  It was so happy to see some fresh produce around it that it exploded.  Don’t worry little guy, I feel you… but I am going to have to ask you to leave my salad because I don’t like the way you look.  You stand to live another day… in the compost.

I am officially done school and focused on moving into my new place! Stay tuned for all of my exciting plans and adventures as I decorate my way into my first apartment!




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