Whatever I feel like doing…

Sooooo… what’s up?

Lets chat!

What are you doing?

Procrastinating? …yeah, that’s what I was doing too…before I was on SUMMER VACATION!


Sorry for all of you that are still writing exams.  You can come by my house and I will make you this Toasted Artichoke Turkey and Feta Sandwich in exchange for your hatred of me to be restored to friendship.

Or if you don’t want to see my face you can make it yourself… it’s really easy.

There is only one decision you have to make before embarking on this sandwich making process… to panini-press or to toaster-oven?

See I thought this would be particularly delicious as a panini.  Plus, Artichoke Turkey and Feta Panini just rolls off the tongue so nicely.  You want to know what doesn’t role off the tongue very nicely? The panini maker at the back of the cupboard…the Tupperware cupboard…with piles of Tupperware in front of it.

Toaster oven it is!

Step 1: Toast that bread.  We want it crispy but not fully toasted…we aren’t trying to destroy our mouths here people.

{While toasting, collect and chop your ingredients}.

Step 2: Feta.  I chose light Greek Feta from the deli counter, and sliced it really thin.

Step 3: Cucumber.

If we killed the sandwich here I would be satisfied…but we are going to keep on going.

Step 4: Red Pepper.  I think Roasted Red Pepper would be even tastier. But I didn’t have any.  You’re right I am on summer vacation and I have time to go to the store.  I have no answer to that except for my hunger does not wait for trips to the grocery store. It was pretty upset I kept stopping to take pictures.

Step 5: The star of the show…Marinated Artichoke hearts! I sliced these up, however, if you really love artichokes you could throw them on whole and have one meaty sandwich.

Step 6: The ingredient you hate to love: red onion.  I am super skimpy on these but again if you are brave enough to be burping up red onion for the rest of the day go nuts.  Just don’t leave them out…

Step 7: Supporting actor-Turkey. Shaved. Fat-free.

Step 8: Best breakthrough role- Spinach. Uncooked, leafy and green. Who needs lettuce anymore?

Now here is where you would pop this baby into the panini maker if you had one and it was easily accessible.  I would brush both pieces of bread with a little bit of olive oil to get the crunchy golden texture to the bread.

Step 9: Slice and eat!

The first few days of my summer vacation have been spent planning for my big move.  I have thrown out most of my school stuff, took two full bags of clothes to Goodwill, experienced wardrobe withdrawal in my dreams, and started working on a picture frame wall collage for my new place {Sew  excited to see how it turns out}! I have also taken daily 2 hour naps, watched The Help and Moneyball and unsuccessfully scrounged the internet for a link to that new documentary Bully.  Tonight I will probably start making arrangements for the summer: signing up for the GRE’s, arranging volunteer work and preparing some projects for my actual work….over an ice cream… or Starbucks… or alcoholic beverage? In the end, I will do whatever I feel like doing :)!



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