Glittering Sandwich Cookies

Red is feeling a little under the weather tonight…

Our token blonde bombshell turned 22 this past week and had an amazing surprise party last night.

Although I don’t need it to dance my tush off, a little liquid courage helped me (and my feet) tear up the dance floor all night.

It isn’t really tearing up anything but my head today…

I’m pretty paranoid that everyone that looked in my direction today was at the club last night and was judging me. I bet it was my rendition of Cotton-Eyed Joe.  My level 1 jazz ponies were intimidating…it left a strong impression. Or it could have been my two-man dance circle with the 60 year old toothless and quite possibly homeless man. Seriously Tap House.

Sometimes you just gotta live a little!! Woo!

I knew I needed to make something just as super-glam as my beautiful Kat to celebrate her birthday, so when I stumbled upon these Glittering Sandwich Cookies from the Gourmet Cookie Book {Reblogged by The Purl Bee} I knew I found a winner.

I wasn’t really feeling a lot of the sugar colours at Bulk Barn so I decided to dye the dough instead.

Since I couldn’t bake these in the house while Kat was home, I bothered the boy to let me come bake at his place… at 9AM.

I think his roommates probably hate me now.  I cringed the entire time my rickety old hand mixer was on.  I couldn’t take it any longer, eventually I sacrificed my arm and 10 extra minutes of time and mixed the dough by hand.  I feel like it was in exchange for keeping my life.

Riddle me this. Why do all the boys describe the colour of this cookie as green.  They clearly don’t visit Tiffany’s enough…


The cookies turned out chewy and moist, which I wasn’t expecting based on the way they looked after they had baked.  They weren’t only pretty but they were tasty as well; super lemony.  Make sure you keep them in the fridge until you are about to eat them because the filling tends to melt quickly in a warm room.

On a final note, I just wanted to say how much I love that new Nike commercial.  “Baby I love you so much that I would run to you, I would run to you!” So catchy.  I wake up singing this song every morning.  It makes running look so easy! Also, the girl in the commercial is a Red… meaning that that’s probably how I look when I run. Yep, definitely.



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