The Cat Ate My Homework

I know… I missed my post yesterday.

I have a reeeally good excuse though.


Meet Dexter!

No, sadly this is not my cat.

I never used to even like cats! What is the world turning into?!

There are two type of cats that I like:

1)   Cats that act like dogs.

2)   Kitties!!!!!!

We played mouse on string, we played attack the long ginger hair that looks like string, we played fort, but the most fun game we played was curl up on Red’s lap and demand chin scratches while falling asleep.  It is hard to blog while giving chin rubs.

While we are on the topic of things that you thought you didn’t like, you still don’t like, you are wonder why all of a sudden you are making exceptions to the rules of likings, lets talk about Bananas.



The texture, the overpowering taste, the yellow.

Bananas, much like fish, are not friends.

Oh but then…you eat a piece of Banana bread, or a smoothie that has banana in it but for some impossible reason you can’t taste the banana (don’t ask me how THAT happened—all you smoothie drinkers know that the minute you put banana in a smoothie why even put other fruit in? Well I know–to mask that terrible taste– but it never goes away.) Or you try these Easy Banana-Oat Muffins from Recipe Girl and you wonder how long you should wait before eating another one.

Everything you believed in is out the window.

This recipe was perfect because it called for whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour—which we are out of, and you know we aren’t doing anymore groceries before the big move in t-minus two days!  It took me about an hour to find a recipe that used bananas (which were in the freezer and needed to be ‘dealt’ with) and all other ingredients could be found in someone’s cupboard.

It was fate that I found these because they were deeee-licios.

I stuck a bunch of chocolate chips on the top because these were way too low cal and low fat and weight watchers approved we needed to get rid of a package of chocolate chips. Kill two birds with one stone, right?!

Try these, there is a tonne of cinnamon in them!

P.s. Today I am attempting my first DIY project for my new place…wish me luck!!




2 thoughts on “The Cat Ate My Homework

  1. Cool blog. I got linked to it from twitter, via. your bread bar dinner. (love love that place) Someone I followed must have retweeted one of your tweets. The internet is a crazy place. I JUST started a wordpress blog a few weeks ago so I was curious to check out another wordpress blog!!

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