My life is in shambles right now.

That sounds so much worse than I intend it to.  What I really mean is that I moved into my new apartment this weekend and between carting stuff from my old place to my new house, starting BOTH my new jobs today and the boy’s HAPPIEST 22nd BIRTHDAY being today, I have thrown out my desire to feel organized and under control in order to keep my sanity.  I think I can probably live like this for 2 more days tops before I go off the deep end.  For now, I have managed to find a bit of calm in this storm of an apartment.

What I really wanted to say was “My life is in scrambles right now”. Scrambles is the most appropriate word to describe my possessions and my personality at this moment.  But, who have you ever heard say “My life is in scrambles right now!”? Nobody. That’s who.

I can’t cook/bake yet (although my kitchen is the only place that is completely unpacked and immaculate). The problem? I don’t have groceries …haha… this is starting to become a trend…and probably concerning Momma Red. {Don’t worry I am still eating}.

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will do groceries.  I have cheerios and milk.  I can survive until tomorrow.

I am loving my new place.  It is the most appropriate for this new “phase” that I am entering (whatever that is).  It is the apartment version of myself. Little Red Apartment.  I may be onto something here. As soon as I get everything the way I want it I will post a before/after piece on it.  Wait until you see the kitchen…{Seriously my kitchen is one big red blob of cookware}.

I am going to sum this up now.  I haven’t slept more than 5 hours in about 4 nights.  I am so past cranky right now, I am more just like a kicked dog.  I have no fighting left in me.

Here are some teasers of my last few days as a resident of 12 Dalewood…

The girls and I went for dinner at Earth to Table Bread Bar on Locke St., one of our go-to dinner spots over the last few years.  We drank wine and lattes and ate too much pizza and never-to-much dessert.

Then we went to walk Ella, the pup that Kate was dog-sitting for.



The next morning I went to pick up my keys!

Hit up Mo’s Street Eats at Westdale Cafe for some deep-fried oreos. The answer is yes, you want one.

And last night I was given the most thoughtful house-warming gift from two girls I will be very sad to be away from.

Yes. They are huge on me. What of it?! At least I will never get dirty or burned in the kitchen.

The real Little Red Delicious.

I can’t wait to be settled and back into the groove of things.  You are all invited to my place for drinks and desserts!

Now, I must go and spend my very first night in my new pad.  Normally I might say it would be weird to sleep in a new place by yourself for the first time, but I am way too tired for any of that and plus, I knew this apartment was mine the minute I saw the listing.

Wish me sweet dreams on my first night!




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