Death By Chocolate

Meet Scarlett.

She lives on my counter.

She can do things that no hand mixer can do.

She is my best friend.

Meet Ron Ben-Israel’s Chocolate Layer cake.

This is death by chocolate.

Chocolate cake. Chocolate ganache. Chocolate bark.

This took 6 hours for me to make when it said it would only take 2.5 hours.

This may be the best chocolate cake I have ever had.

I put Scarlett to good use this weekend, finally.  Unlike my first experience cooking in my new kitchen, this was everything I imagined it to be.

I found the recipe for this cake in The Food Network Magazine–The Chocolate Edition that Momma Red picked up for me a month ago.

Edit: This was most likely much longer than a month ago.  I just seem to have no time perception greater than a month.

We both sat and admired this cake, and I new as soon as I had my KitchenAid mixer unpacked I would make this.

The magazine broke it down into a million steps so that you could make every element completely from scratch.

Of course you know that when I make something from scratch I like to give every inch of my counter top a little taste of at least one or two of the ingredients.

Since this cake was 95% chocolate, which is the messiest ingredient in the world… I was friggen covered, the counters were covered, every dish (even the ones I wasn’t using) was covered in chocolate. Driving back to Toronto yesterday I found chocolate in places that chocolate shouldn’t be.

I also managed to soak part of the magazine in egg whites and oil, so I was making a lot of assumptions on the “Making the Bark” section.

The other 5% of the ingredients were basically cream and sugar, so you know it must have been amazing if I saw everything that went into this cake and still couldn’t find the self control to resist devouring an entire piece.

I am not really sure why it took me so much longer to make this cake than the recipe suggested,  but I started up my iTunes and had a long, romantic Friday night with four chocolatey layers of cake.

I am not going to lie, this wasn’t the easiest cake I had ever made, and after 6 hours in the kitchen and 3 pounds of chocolate, the thought of this cake being a disaster gave me serious anxiety.

Scarlett got me out of some serious brown stuff that isn’t chocolate when the chocolate ganache wasn’t thickening up.  I just slid on her whisk attachment and left her to do her thang for about 5 minutes.

I have tried everything I can to shake this chocolate coma I’m still in. Walking, sleeping, eating another slice, sleeping…

Nothing is working so I am just going to continue to sit here and look at more photos of this cake, and maybe fall asleep.

If this is the way I die then so be it.

You can find the recipe for this cake by following this link!

Not to toot my own horn but that looks pretty damn close to the picture given with the recipe…

There is two one and a half lonely pieces of cake left in my fridge.  What are you willing to do for one (or half) of those?





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