Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining

I tried Bok Choy tonight.

I liked it.

Woah woah woah now!

Don’t all congratulate me at once!

Remember that time I made Thai Lettuce Wraps and I took everything Thai out of it?

Well, it didn’t get much more Asian than tonight.  Bok Choy, Sesame oil, Soy Sauce, Garlic.

Ate it all.

I win this time.

I am basically an expert in Asian cuisine now.

I am also an expert in all things miniature.

That’s because I am miniature.  Miniature hands, miniature feet…which of course means miniature mittens and miniature shoes.

I drive with my seat pushed as far forward as it goes and require a stool to navigate around the kitchen.

It should come as no surprise to you that I nailed these mini-almond cupcakes.

I was invited to my first BBQ of the summer and of course insisted on baking something (my wonderful friend and host Ali was doing me a favour by letting me bring something…seriously) and had some leftover chocolate ganache from when I made this Chocolate Layer Cake last weekend.

What is extra delicious with chocolate?


The recipe for the cupcakes was provided by Canadian Living, and of course, like everything I make [excluding the chocolate layer cake that was worth all the sweat, blood, and chocolate covered tears it created] the recipe was really simple with few ingredients.

Now the recipe does not require a stand mixer, but it was raining out and Scarlett looked so lonely.

If my landlord didn’t hate me after setting off the fire alarm, or locking myself out of the apartment, he definitely hated me after playing Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams on repeat for two hours straight.

It was raining out, okay! And maybe Scarlett isn’t the only one who’s a bit lonely! …Cut me some slack I am not used to living alone.  It was either Stevie Nicks or a cat.  I think I made the more rational decision.

I will say I am just living it up in my new kitchen.  It is a baking oasis.

“I love it so much! I just can’t stop loving it!”

-Welches Fruit Juice Girl

I stored my mini-cupcake pan on the bottom shelf of the coveted bottom cupboard…just in case it’s afraid of heights or something.

And now, for the only thing not miniature in this post, I give the BIGGEST happy birthday to Momma Red on this fine May evening.

You are the ripest apple on the tree.


Don’t know what that means, hope it’s a compliment, make me your favourite child.

Love you!





9 thoughts on “Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining

  1. I still win the favourite child title…who are you kidding 😛

    Also, maybe you should bake something for your landlord….

  2. Looks very tasty! Great pics and wonderful storytelling, too. This post certainly inspires me to call on Canadian Living, Scarlett (I need a Scarlett of my own!) and Fleetwood Mac to banish my rainy day blues.

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