Vintage Garden Tea Room

Of course, I must start by wishing all mothers a Happy Mothers Day.  Without my mom I do not know where I would be.  Scarlett is thankful too.  She could have ended up in another home where nobody used her and didn’t think to name her.  Or worse, they could have named her Candy and she would have been the type to let anyone’s whisk into her bowl {If you know what I mean…}.

For mothers day we booked reservations at the the Vintage Garden Tea Room for High Tea with Momma and Nanna Red and Jess (occasionally referred to as Pess/Wess/Sissy/Dude/Yo).

I don’t drink tea, although I have tried it on many occasions after convincing myself that this time it would be different.  As per usual I poured myself a cup of tea in hopes that this time would in fact be different.  This is a lesson my friends, if you want something, try try again. You never know when you too can “find a tea that you like”.

I’m goooood.

We had Buckingham Palace Tea which I learned is a mix between Earl Grey and Jasmine, and being a non-tea drinker this meant nothing to me.  All I knew was that with enough milk I was able to drink not one but two cups of tea!  And so I should enjoy this tea, the Queen of England herself made it at Buckingham Palace!  I’m just kidding, I know she probably had one of her servants make it.

As soon as we sat down the smell of baked goods began to flood the room.  Our first course consisted of the traditional scones and preserves, which ended up being the cause of that inviting smell.  The first time I tried a scone was in January when they were brought to a morning staff meeting.  When I admitted to never eating a scone before the focus of the meeting quickly shifted to firing a list of baked goods at me to see if I had tried them or not.  There was more on the no list than the yes list.  Not much was accomplished in that meeting other than playfully ridiculing me for having a sheltered palate.  I always thought scones looked so dry and crumbly.  Why would I waste a snack on something like that.

Well, turns out I was wrong.  Scones are a misunderstood character.  These scones in particular were anything but dry and crumbly.  In fact they were still warm and could barely make it to our mouths without falling apart.

Following scones came the finger sandwiches, and then dessert:

I don’t eat butter tarts (never tried them but I know they are just “not my thing”) but my family can attest to how delicious they were.  The rectangle-shaped desserts were lemon squares, and they made my cheeks hurt so I wasn’t able to get through a whole one.  The shortbread however,that was perfect…

If you live in the Hamilton area make sure to take your mom/girlfriends to a High Tea sitting.  I don’t think you need reservations on a normal day, although it never hurts to make them if you know you will be going in advance.  All of the teacups and teapots are unique and it hits the vintage vibe right on the nose.  I was especially obsessed with out salt and pepper shakers:

I considered sneaking them into my purse and bringing them home with me and just loving the snot out of them but I knew Scarlett would be jealous and the Little Red Kitchen would become a place of contempt.  You make sacrifices sometimes…

When I got home I decided to make these Cream Cheese Pancakes from I breath… I’m Hungry… .

Um… I had a little bit of trouble with the whole thing.  I got the recipe down pat but could not manage to “flip” the “pancake” without ripping it into ten pieces.  I think it was more like scrambled pancake…

Pros: They call for lots of cinnamon, they are low fat (I used low fat cream cheese)/carb free.

Cons: Don’t flip well, I was more excited to eat my apple than the pancakes.

I probably won’t make these again. Gonna go eat a spoonful of peanut butter right now to fill the void in my stomach…

Happy Mothers Day.




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