Peppers Stuffed with Chicken and Eggplant…and Cocktails

Helloooooo Summer!

When mother nature sends you high twenties and sun you thank her by getting your butt onto a patio and having a drink, which is exactly what I did yesterday instead of study for my GREs.

I then proceeded to take advantage of the 5 for $20 candle sale at Bath & Body Works.  I was inspired by the sun which is why every single candle I chose ended up smelling like a cocktail.

I have been seriously cooking up a storm this past week.  The boy was around for a couple days and we tried several new recipes {all being a huge hit}.

These Peppers Stuffed with Chicken and Eggplant were my favourite.

I found this recipe through from a blog called Sassy Radish (I laugh but secretly I am in love with that name…please, my blog is called Little Red Delicious.  Sassy Little Red Delicious kinda works, actually.)

The prep work was a little strenuous so I am glad I had my partner in crime.  Mostly just to cut the onions.  Last time I was given that job I teared up so bad that I ended up slicing a little red finger 😐

While we are on the topic of ingredients…who would have though that I would start eating eggplant?

Do you want to know what else was in this? I am going to tell you because I know you won’t guess…



That spice that smells like the armpit of the man standing next to you on the bus on a sweltering summer day who you wish had a seat instead of having to stand so he didn’t have to lift his arm up to hold onto the ceiling rail.  Ya, I threw that in my food.  Am I ruining this for you yet?

It turns out that the way cumin smells and the way cumin tastes are VERY different.  I never thought I would be able to say those words, because I never thought I would be mental enough to use cumin in anything.

However, I was feeling all girls gone wild that night and went for it.

These were fantastic. I would recommend these if you are ever hosting dinner with friends.  There are a tonne of ingredients contributing tonnes of flavour and look super impressive on the dinner table! The peeps be praisin’ you for this one.

And now, I be praisin’ the sun.




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