Cheers To The Weekend

I had the most amazing weekend.

It is no secret that living alone has been quite the adjustment for me.  I have heard from multiple sources over the years (as if I am 50 and have a breadth of knowledge), that a lot of people who live alone (usually in their middle to late years) talk to themselves when they live alone for long enough.  There are two problems with this:

1. I am not middle aged.

Am I even really an adult yet? I mean I am in my early twenties and have certain responsibilities that would suggest that I am, in fact, an adult.  But I am still a really young adult.

2. Do I want to start talking to myself? Like, really?

Do I want to live in constant confusion about which facts I have told other people and which facts I have only said aloud to myself?  Do I want to be that person who repeats everything five times because I can’t distinguish the two?


This is really serious!

They only way to avoid this issue all together is to continue living like I did this weekend! Constantly on-the-go! Living on the edge! Seeing everyone I love in 48 thrilling hours! Being so dramatic that I don’t have time to be lonely!!!!!!!!!!

K I’m done.

Friday I hosted my very first dinner party in the little red kitchen.  My God do my friends know how to dinner party.

Dinner Party (verb). The act of gathering as a party for dinner while eating great homemade food, drinking way too much wine, and sharing gifts, stories, and more wine.

I had my three K’s over.  My Kate-Kat-Kristina. My triple-K. My K-K-wait.

Kat was in charge of apps and made a fantastic roasted vegetable dip smothered in goat cheese and accompanied by Kashi Pita Chips, garlic pita, and naan.  Kate killed the greek salad (like she does with every salad), and Kristina took care of the roasted red pepper hummus and candy. Lots and lots of candy.

If that wasn’t enough, yours truly prepared Rosemary and Balsamic marinated chicken and vegetables. [Recipe found here].

And, to hardly finish off the meal, I made this Strawberry Starburst Cake.

Inspired by all the warm weather we have received I bought some fresh strawberries from the local wholesale produce market.

Originally I made this for the girls, since I don’t like strawberries but since I am living on the edge and not at all influenced by my beverage of choice for the night I decided to have a piece anyways.

Coming from someone who does not like strawberries: this cake is fantastic.  I want to turn my bed into a giant strawberry starburst cake and roll around on my mattress of spongy cake only stopping to rest my head on juicy strawberry.

K sorry, I’m done again.

I was on such a high at this point that I thought my weekend could only go downhill.  Buuuuutttt it didn’t.

The boy and I hit up the Nonni Red on Saturday and soaked up the homemade Italian food, old stories of the Homeland, and a box full of leftovers.

To keep riding my high I joined Jess and her old roommate Daniella, 50% of Lady Meta Productions, to film a music video for the Emerson Street Rhythm Band!  Lady Meta Productions is currently working on their project LeTwelve, where they are filming 12 music videos in 2012 for free!  What better day to tag along then for the McMaster-born ESRB?!

I could babble on about my amazing weekend, or I can let the photos speak for themselves and stick my finger in a jar of peanut butter. I can do what I want, I am the only one who eats from it.  Plus, it is hard to talk to myself with a mouthful of peanut butter.




Gorgeous flowers from Kat:

My newest snack obsession.  When I think about eating I think about these.

The most thoughtful gift from my favourite Estonian family.

The happy Nonni Red.

Free music lessons from the funkiest Emerson Street Rhythm Band

Just music video-in’ and stuff..

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