Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.

I, myself Some people have multiple.

Some people like to keep their guilty pleasures to themselves, and some people reveal their nasty habits on the internet for all of their friends and family to read about.

It is a beautiful night, I am fresh out of fruit (and insatiably hungry) and think it would be a perfect opportunity to go for a nice walk to the store.  Maybe grab a smoothie and sit on a patio and blog?

Or I can succumb to one of my guiltier pleasures and lay in bed all night watching Top Chef Canada, lurking Facebook the internet, and satisfying my fruit craving with some homemade cookies.  I think if I was able to accomplish everything in my life from the comfort of my bed {sans the bedsores} I would be perfectly content doing so. I would also fall asleep a lot.

Spending countless hours in my bed is not my only guilty pleasure though…

Give me a heaping pile of pasta–any kind!– and I won’t say no.  Not only will I not say no, I will eat…and eat… and then go to the pot on the stove and eat some more.

It is for this reason that I very seldom make pasta for myself at home.  Nor do I order it in restaurants.  The sole exception is Nonna Red’s. There is no amount of self control in the world that could stop her spaghetti from entering my mouth hole. Over it already.

And then one day I found this recipe for Low-Cal Fettuccine Alfredo.  All I had to do was bookmark that falling star and put it in my pocket, saving it for a lucky day.  And like all guilty pleasures, the craving for a saucy plate of pasta cracked the code on my keyless entry, shuffled down the stairs to my basement apartment and picked the lock on my front door.

But I was prepared…

…well, mostly prepared.  I didn’t have any fettuccine; all I could find was a sample box of penne that came in the mail. It felt strange to me when I received it until I wanted to make pasta and it was all that I had.  Such a gift.

More about the sauce:

This sauce is so cheesy.  There is so much cheese!!!

It’s so cheesy I could die!!!


I used skim milk instead of 2% and the sauce was still really thick.  There was also quite a bit left over so I stored it in my fridge and fed it to the boy the next day. (Not just the sauce…like I made noodles with it too…)

Since I wasn’t at Nonna’s and didn’t want to over indulge, I made it as a side to the Chicken Stuffed Peppers I posted about HERE awhile back.  Were the two perfectly compatible together? No, but they were both equally delicious and successful and delicious that it did not matter at all.

This picture is called Two P’s in a Pod

You’re welcome.







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