Cottage Living

Welcome to Honey Harbour.

The luxurious destination for our 3rd annual Cottage Weekend.

Unfortunately that is all I can speak about the logistics of cottage weekend, since what happens at cottage weekend stays at cottage weekend… until the following cottage weekend where it all gets dug up again…

I never had a cottage of my own, although my family did visit cottages a lot.  The worst part about cottages (other than the bugs) was the food scene.  It was all about BBQ-ing and hotdogs and oh yeah, roasting marshmallows– a concept I never really understood.

I can’t explain why, but I was freaked out by the concept of eating a roasted marshmallow.  I liked the roasting part, but I always let someone else actually eat the marshmallow.

And then there were s’mores.  A concept that really tripped me out.  And here is the epitome of my childhood: I loved chocolate, I loved marshmallows, I loved graham crackers, I hated s’mores.

I was that loser kid who was sneaking all of the chocolate squares when nobody was looking and said “no, thank you” five million times when an adult realized I didn’t have one in my hands and offered me one.

What do you mean no, thank you? You don’t want one?

Attention is being drawn to me; feeling my cheeks go flush

You don’t like s’mores?

Feeling like the marshmallow currently being roasted over the fire

Are you sure? It’s chocolate and marshmallow and graham cracker! Try it you’ll like it!

Wishing I was the marshmallow that accidentally melted off the stick and into the fire

Loved my life #pickyeaterproblems

My point of all of this is last year, completely on my own terms, I tried my first s’more. Would I have loved it when I was ten? Probably, but YOLO man so I can’t dwell on the past.  {I just learned that meant You Only Live Once.  Now I am incorporating it into as many sentences as I can. Like most things, I am not really sure I am using it in the intended context…YOLO}.

It was so delicious it became my favourite part about “cottaging”.

When I saw this recipe for Gooey S’mores Cookies on Kevin and Amanda I knew I had to make them for cottage weekend ’12.

Turns out that s’mores aren’t just my favourite part about cottaging  but really my favourite part of everyday living.

Graduating? S’mores!

Father’s day? S’mores!

Had a shower today??? S’mores!!!!!

Don’t have open flames handy?

Make your s’mores in cookie form.

These are 100% one of the top two cookies I have ever made {next to these Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies}.

They are really great warm.  They are even better if you eat them after eating two other warm ones. They are the best if you shove a roasted marshmallow in the middle of two of them.

If you are cottage living this summer bookmark this recipe!

Trust me, if you eat one you’re gonna want s’more. *winky winky!*



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