Pizza For Your Abs

Cue my first sun burn of the summer!

I’m not upset about it because sun burns turn into tans, and a nice tan makes everyone more attractive.  This is a fact of life that you simply can’t argue with.

This past Sunday was the perfect summer day.  Dry, hot, and sunny.  I was thankful to be back home with Momma Red where we could lay out on the beautiful new deck that was built last fall.  After a much needed trip to Costco (and 4000 rolls of TP later) we spent an entire afternoon napping in the sun.

Now, in order to get the much appreciated sun burn that exists on my arms and legs right now, I had to strip down to my bathing suit.  The nice weather is here to stay peeps and you too may need to dig out your bathing suits.

Don’t fear my bathing-suit-models-in-training! I have a swimsuit-bod approved recipe for you today!


A-say wha? Shut that front door you nasty girl! Didn’t Momma teach you never to lie?

Not lying Momma.

Check it:

Cauliflower Crust Pizza.

Carb Free.  You basically make yourself a set of rock hard abs just eating this. (Results may vary)

Looks like pizza crust, spongier than pizza crust, TASTES LIKE PIZZA CRUST!

I found this recipe earlier in the new year on which linked me back to the blog Eat.Drink.Smile. .  No need to use a food processor like the recipe recommends.  I used a cheese grater to “rice” the cauliflower and burned an extra few calories in my right arm area while working up an even bigger appetite.  I was boy-cotting the grocery store when I made this so my pizza toppings are pretty lame but the world is your oyster here people!!! Go nuts with whatever delicious toppings tickle your fancy (just don’t put oysters on your pizza they are slimy and I will be disappointed in you).

If you are still not convinced, try the pizza out for yourself.  By the end of it I can assure you that you will be burning that tankini and living a string-only kind of life.

Flaunt it bebes.




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