NYC, You Were Good to Me.

Hi Friends!

This is the bittersweet end to my just what I needed week-long vacation.  Did I miss the smog? The work emails? The “must-save-every-cent-to-pay-off-student-loan” mindset?


But I am happy to return to friends, the Little Red Kitchen, and my own bed!  I would also like to give a huge shout-out to Ghost of Little Red past for cleaning the apartment before she left.  There is nothing like coming home to a spotless home after being away for a week! Cleaning is the last thing I want to do right now (although I just did a load of laundry! Go me!).

New York was fantastic, as always.  This year our annual shopping weekend was moved from Times Square down to Chelsea and I have to say, South Manhattan is the place to be!  After 9 years, the chaos of Broadway and 7 from 42-47 St looses its thrill, and it is nice to vacation outside of all the hustle and bustle.

What shopping we missed out on in Washington we definitely made up for in NYC.  After the 8.5 hour bus-ride disaster that occurred Wednesday, we hit the ground running at Woodbury Commons in Central Valley, NY Thursday morning.  We took that 8.5 hour bus ride and raised it another half our.  Nine hours at the premium outlets. Bliss.

Oh, we also shopped Friday and Saturday as well :).

I will let you in on a little secret you may not know about me.  I am a huge believer in karma.  What goes around comes around and for me I can only hope it comes from the Shopping Gods.  Leading up to our day at Woodbury Commons, Momma Red helped a blind man cross the busy streets of NY (kudos to him for even leaving his house).  She was in the clear; good karma was heading her way.  I was waiting for my good shopping karma moment and as we boarded the bus that was taking us to Central Valley it landed on me.  It literally landed on me.  The very large man sitting in front of us brought a suitcase on the bus that was too big to fit in the overhead compartment (this is an important fact).  {It isn’t unusual for people to bring suitcases to the outlets…the deals are endless and sh*t gets crazy #yolo.}.  Since both he and his suitcase were very large, and I am small and was sitting in the emergency row that had a bit more foot space, I offered the man the space by my feet to rest his suitcase (which was now on his lap…barely). And here is where the karma was tossed on me.  The very large scarey man chucked tossed his what I thought was empty but was actually very full suitcase backwards over the seat and onto my fragile, soon-crushed, near-lifeless body. Lets just say I saw the whole thing working out differently in my head.

The Shopping Gods seriously owed me.

With a little effort from the Gods and a little effort from my bank account, I have come home with everything I needed…and a few things I just wanted but can find ways to justify that I needed them.

In spirit of our yearly tradition we got tickets to a Broadway show, this year it was Jersey Boys.  I don’t know why it has taken us to long to see this show, as every year it is on our list as shows to see.  Better late then never; this show was fantastic.  I couldn’t sit still.  I surprised myself with how many songs I knew by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.

So now, I sit here, unpacked, laundry done, apartment clean, bragging to you and downloading every song of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons I can find.

I was greeted back into the country with amazing surprises.  A text that read “Welcome back to Canada!  Everybody missed you.” from one of my K’s.  My $2-off Kashi Cereal coupon I ordered online came in the mail! {I have a feeling my next obsession is going to be extreme couponing}.  Also, I got another postcard! This one is from a friend working at Yale.  I have gotten more postcards in the last 2 months than I have in my whole life combined!  I love it so much.  Keep sendin’ them.  I want to fill up this wall.

Since I have no more CHORES to do and I have listened to Frankie Valli on repeat for so long that my landlord is going to EVICT me, the only solution is to watch Frankie Valli in movie format: Dirty Dancing.

Don’t worry, I can see your Hungry Eyes, I have some more food posts to come! {Did you get my pun? Get it? ‘Hungry Eyes’ is a song from dirty dancing but it’s ironic because this is a blog about food…and you are looking with your eyes…:) You get it, right?}




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