The Procrastination Dinner


Why am I still awake and kicking at 11 PM?  Shouldn’t my 80-year-old soul in a 20-something-year-old body by fast asleep in a place where watermelon and shoes are free?


It has been quite a busy week for me leading into the long weekend!

I have spent all week procrastinating the 50 things on my to-do list until tonight to do everything by tomorrow :).

And I had a lot of coffee today in anticipation {I am really hoping this whole coffee thing is just a temporary obsession of mine}

In anticipation of a late night I drank not one, but TWO cups of coffee today.  WORST idea. I have just made a fresh batch of *surprise* for this weekend and there’s extras so I will be doing house-calls all night if you’re in!

Not only is it the Canada Day long weekend, but it is also my Special-Kate’s b-day.

So in honor of the birth of these two crazy kids, the K’s and I have planned an all-girls-all-weekend-sleepover-cookout-pool party-with a hint of alcohol and presents-extravaganza!

Get ready for an ear-full on Sunday…that’s all I can say…

One great thing that came out of this week was this quick and easy Chicken with Chickpeas dinner I was forced (but blessed) to resort to tonight.  If you are running out of time to procrastinate finishing all of your errands, haven’t done groceries in two weeks and are so hungry you think the world is out to get you, make this.

It’s fast, most ingredients can be found stashed away in your pantry, and chickpeas are really filling.

Meet Mount Chickpea Pebblesworth:

A tasty mountain you are!

We added some crushed red pepper to kick the original recipe up a notch…

The end result was a little bit of a soupy consistency, which went perfectly with a slice or two of crunchy toasted rye bread.

Prep, cook and clean-up in under an hour so you can get back to all of the other things you wish you did yesterday!

I just noticed that I am covered in chocolate…and should get back to weekend prepping!

Have a great long-weekend, happy Canada’s Day, and sianora!






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