Thank You

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes.

Especially whoever sent the birthday elf to come plant this sign on the back of my car {or should I say birthday giraffe…I’m on to you..}

Today, I, the one known as Little Red, climb another rung on the ladder of my twenties.

As I am still nursing my hangover from July 8, 2011, this year I opted for a quite weekend at the cottage with my family.

While I love celebrating birthdays when they belong to everyone else, my birthday is just another day to me.  My friends and family have made it clear that it is not just another day to them.

The cottage was a fantastic escape and I was just as spoiled as I am every year.  With these Nino D’Aversa cupcakes that I blogged about at Easter, I almost had to change the name of the blog to Red Delicious.

Jess spoiled me with this adorable recipe book and these “Latte” {aka. cereal} bowls from Anthropologie:

I can now graduate from the plastic hot-pink bowls that I currently eat out of {nothing against them though, they have been loyal and reliable and I love them for that}.

Mom, Pop, and Mike-Red all contributed to my very first D SLR that I am purchasing! {Wehoo!}.  Believe me, this is a gift for all of us!

And not only did Nonna and Nonno Red purchase my very first pasta machine for me, Nonna Red also passed on her almost-50-year-old watch that I have admired since I was little (in age).

A warning from an embarrassed Red, when you are given a watch from the 60’s, remember that it is important to try winding it before you tell everyone it is broken.  I guess watches haven’t always run on batteries or something.

Oh, and you can’t forget the well wishes…

And now, to finish off my day, I am throwing on She’s the Man, climbing in bed, and prepping for a wonderful work-week ahead. {Wow, killed that rhyme and I wasn’t even trying}

Happy life…



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