My Zen-cycle

I have been doing a lot of bike riding lately.

I am so in love with my little red cruiser.  She is so pretty and I more-than-enjoy showing her off to the world.

I feel so chilled-out as I ride my bike through Westdale Village.  It takes absolutely no work to ride her.  I just hit up the market after work to grab fresh groceries for dinner.  I feel like I am in a scene out of a movie, and all I am missing is the basket and the puppy.

If I haven’t successfully painted a picture of my zen-cycle for you yet, you will just have to try these Spicy Chicken Lettuce Cups and hope to be lifted to the lighter, fresher, zenful land of dinner-with-a-kick.

I would be lying if I told you these were my idea, or even if I told you I made them.  When it comes to recipes with meat or soy sauce, I just can’t do it alone.  As far as the meat goes, I am always afraid I will under-cook it. How ironic would it be for the 18-year-long vegetarian to die of under-cooked meat.  This leads me to over-cook my meat.  Every time.  Also, more importantly I think raw meat is gross.  That’s actually mostly the issue; the “under-cooked meat threat” is mostly a front.

As far as soy sauce goes, I manage to convince myself that it ruins food and every recipe is better off without it.  Yes, I have had many recipes with sauces and marinades that call for soy sauce including the marinade for the best thing I ever made.   But, you can trust me on this: if I am left alone with a recipe that calls for soy sauce…I will probably leave it out.  Hence the supervision.

These lettuce wraps have such a light fresh taste that you will have plenty of room in your tummy for that gigantic bowl of frozen yogurt.  I promise you that.  You know the phrase “big things come in small packages”? The “things” they are referring to are frozen yogurt cravings and the “small packages”, well, me.  Eat up froyo-cup!

I believe I have successfully turned this post into a frozen yogurt ad instead of promoting these fresh Spicy Chicken Lettuce Cups, so on that note I will leave you with a photo and a farewell.  Also I have worked up a nasty frozen yogurt craving.



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