Apple Berry Crisp

I love berries.

Berries are the new watermelon.

Well, that’s a lie but I am really loving the berry.

Twas’ a warm sunny morning when I awoke to that aching strawberry craving.  So, I made a trip to the market {via my love-cycle of course} and bought strawberries…and raspberries…and blueberries *GASP*! Oh no you didn’t!

Yerp. Sure did.

When I returned home I was ready to try my first handful of berries–and it was great timing since I was super spent and dehydrated from my strenuous bike ride in first gear. I really liked the berries!

Then I made this recipe for Apple-Berry Crisp.  And I loooooved the berries. Ooo child!

Guess what I am eating right now? A strawberry.  You can rest assured that I now have red sticky fingerprints all over my keyboard.

I am also eating a cookie. I am not kidding.  It is chocolate chip. It is equally as tasty.  There is no combination like a sticky, crumby keyboard. That is the sign of a happy stomach.

You know what else is sticky and crumby? This dessert.  It is also sweet, tart, juicy, warm, Haagen-Dazs-vanilla-ice-cream…-y, make-room-for-seconds-y, next-time-make-a-double-batch-y.  So many wonderful adjectives to use.


So yum.




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