Elephant Ears

Unexpected dinner guests?

In a pinch?

Make this impressive appetizer!

It’s a cinch!

Don’t worry, I am disturbed by that rhyme too…

But seriously, if you are going to a part-A and need something that looks like it took a lot more effort than it actually did then you are going to need to bookmark this recipe for Apple Cheddar Plamiers.  A plamier is just a fancy word for puff pastry stuffed with your choice of filling and rolled into its trademark shape to resemble that of an elephant ear.  Traditionally the filling is only a mixture of sugar and salt, however puff pastry tends to jive well with most flavours… and the bloggers be lovin’ it.

All you have to do is follow this excruciatingly simple and quick recipe from A Spicy Perspective and you have yourself an appetizer to impress.  My only piece of advice would be to let the Palmiers cool for several minutes on the baking sheet or else you might lose the guts.

Scratch that.  I have a second piece of advice.  If you are at the party schmoozing with other guests make sure that after you take a bite you do a thorough sweep of your face for runaway pastry flakes.  If there is one party faux pas it is food on the face.  Taking the necessary steps to avoid this is a favour to you and the person you are conversing with.  It saves you the mortification of looking in the mirror 20 minutes after you finished one to realize it still remains on your face and it saves your guests from ignoring the words coming out of your mouth because they are afraid at some point that baby food morsel is going to catch some wind and make its way over to you.

Other than that you will totally enjoy these!




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