Baking for One

It’s no fun when you are baking for one…

For starters, how do you measure 1/24th of an egg?

As a result you have to eat everything yourself.  That also requires a new wardrobe accompanied by a plethora of health concerns.  Our stomachs would adjust {literally} but I don’t think our closets or our health care system would deal very well.

The last option is having your baking wasted. I hate throwing out food.  This is 50% of why I drink spoiled milk. {50% ‘cuz I need my cheerios in the morning 45% ‘cuz I need my cheerios in the morning, 5% ‘cuz I don’t actually think it tastes that bad}.  Have I confessed this to you yet {that I drink spoiled milk, that is}?  Am I disgusting?

None of those options really bide well with me.  That is why I jump at the opportunity to bake for others.

The love of my life Kate is getting ramped up for her big move to Saskatchewan in exactly two weeks.  With a move like this comes endless errands, last minute goodbye visits and the tying-up of all other loose ends. And packing. Blehk!

With all of these things coming to its end I was blessed to be able to lend a little baking hand in preparing some goodbye goodies for her co-workers.  It is a win-win. I can share and blog about the recipes I have been dying to make and hopefully it is one less item on her infinite list of things to-do.

I have had my eye on this recipe for Blueberry Lemon Buttermilk Cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod ever since I started on my berry-kick.  I may have over done it at the market with the amount of blueberries I bought.  I used some of them for the Apple-Berry Crisp I made a few weeks ago but still had a crate and a half left over.  I have admitted my distaste for blueberries here on the blog before, but also made it very clear that it is a fruit I am “working on”.  Well I have made some progress and blueberry desserts are on the “I’ll have seconds” list. But as stated above I would have to eat an entire batch of cookies on my own and cannot deal with shame caused by my gluttony.  Nor am I at the point where I could snack on a handful of blueberries.  So, the blueberries sat in my fridge with no future ahead of them but to reach their expiration date before ever being touched.

Kate always comes to the rescue.

In the nick of time I could use these blueberries while they were still fresh!  The lemon-blueberry combination was was uplifting and one anonymous taste tester even said the cookies “make me feel like I am outside”.  Definitely some new feedback for me.  I’ll take it.

These cookies are good. Spongy and sweet and refreshing.

Stay tuned for more treats that were shipped off to Kate for her goodbye gifts!

Also, if you have noticed an improvement in the quality of my photos it is because I am now learning how to use my new DSLR.

Booya. Ohhh yeah. Ohhh yeah. Ohh yeahhhhhhh.

I am one step short of having romantic dreams about this camera.  That is how much I love it.




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