Grilled Salmon with Balsamic Glaze

I added a new fish to my resume.

No don’t worry, it’s not tuna.

Wanna hear a joke?

Me eating tuna.

I would self-select if I ever started eating that…

It’s salmon!

Salmon has a strange spelling. The only purpose of the ‘l’ in salmon is so that you can misspell it as ‘slamon’.  And then your mind starts wandering when you start to think about if you made that ‘L’ worth something and renamed the fish slamon.  And how you would always pronounce it with a Jamaican accent…


Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.  This makes all of my life’s accomplishments seem that much more impressive.

I read this article from Bon Appetit on Nine Surprising Ways to Use a Panini Maker and when I came across this recipe for Grilled Salmon Filets with Balsamic Glaze I just felt like this was the perfect recipe to cross the saLmon threshold with.

I was really nervous about cooking salmon {as I am with cooking anything that was once motile} but I preheated the grill to the recommended temperature and timed exactly 5 minutes like the recipe called for and said a little prayer because I only bought two filets so if I messed this up we were ordering pizza… and it turned out great!

It looked good, it smelled good and as for taste it definitely met my standards.

Nothing against pizza, but can you see how it might have ruined the ambiance our “date night” was going for?  The Little Red Kitchen was going for more of a 5-Star feel.

I am relieved that I have now added salmon to my diet.  I can always use a little more protein and the more options the better.  I will confess that with the exception of the salmon, asparagus and potatoes you see in the photos I have not done groceries in a realllly long time.  Peanut butter for protein is out of the question for a while since all I have had in my kitchen is bread and peanut butter.  I know I will never get sick of peanut butter but it is just embarrassing how many peanut butter sandwiches I have eaten in the last two weeks. Peanut butter.  There I think I used that word enough in this paragraph.

{P.s. why does it feel like every other post I am confessing to having no groceries?}

The balsamic glaze was four ingredients and definitely the easiest sauce I have ever made.  It basically makes itself.

Also, it tastes fantastic with asparagus and potatoes.

If you are still concerned about me never having food in the house I can assure you I went shopping tonight.  It was an expensive one too because I have been living off of all of the “back-up” meals in my pantry.  You know, the canned soups, pastas and sauces, my overwhelmingly large stock pile of sweet potatoes and a jar of peanut butter.  Oh yeah and I ran out of milk.

Yep, you caught me, that was the only reason I went grocery shopping.  I still had Kraft Dinner left so lunch and dinner were still covered for another day…

Mornings without Honey Nut Cheerios give me migraines.

To end I will give you a sneak peak of what I was up to tonight…

My fingers smell like chocolate.

Stay tuned….!




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