Red’s Try at Apple Pie

I am not going to dance around the point today.  There are a few things I want to say and I am just going to come out and say them.

1.  I went to a place called Wanda’s Pie in the Sky in Kensington Market and I was in dessert shock.

Yep.  That middle one is literally a pile of pie.

2.  I don’t know how I feel about cooked fruit.

3.  My Nan has the best Apple Pie Recipe.

4.  Number 3 is my only exception to number 2.

5. The smell of apple pie reminds me of fall.

6. Don’t interpret Number 5 as me wishing for fall. Summer is not over.

7. Instead of using my Nan’s crust I made this recipe for Basic Sweet Pastry from one of my favourite blogs: Butter

8. I almost popped a bicep trying to mix the dough by hand but the effort was worth it.  The pastry was buttery and crusty and sweet without making your stomach hurt.

9. Apple pie is when I abandon my frozen yogurt obsession and eat real ice cream.  Also when I see Cookies n’ Cream.

10.  I still have half a batch of the Sweet Pastry dough so I can make my friends another delicious pie.  They can enjoy it as I sort out my issues with cooked fruit.  Then we can all go for frozen yogurt.




3 thoughts on “Red’s Try at Apple Pie

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