Pefect Pad Thai

I have something to brag about.

Other than the fact that I am packing for my one week vacation to California.

Other than the fact that I was given amazing tickets to the Jays game yesterday {Thanks Mom!}

Other than the fact I have an amazing boyfriend.

Other than the fact that I am slowly achieving a killer tan.

See for yourself…

Home made.

Pad Thai.

I have discovered that my Thai kick has just begun.  I now have a favourite restaurant, a backup box of pad thai noodles in my pantry, and I have started speaking Thai.  Well, in my head. How well you ask? I can understand everything I say pretty well…

Okay fine, the noodles were from a box, but the sauce was from scratch.

I have witnessed a couple Pad Thai massacres so I was overly cautious when it came to the noodles, one might even say I obviated the worst.

Obviate: to anticipate and prevent.

{Remember when I was studying for the GREs but decided to postpone it until the end of the summer so I felt like I had a life outside of school for once? Oh, where does the time go?}

I stirred those noodles so fast they barely had time to cook let alone stick together.

Also, for those of you who enjoy the delicious flavours Pad Thai has to offer and are now inspired to make your own: don’t smell the fish sauce.  It is seriously off-putting.  I don’t know how it gets to point A. (vomit inducing) to point B. (tasty tasty Thai sauce), nor do I really care.  I am just happy that it gets there. {don’t smell it.}

The recipe we used was perfectly spicy, aka not spicy at all.  The boy would have liked a little more kick so I would suggest adding more than the recommended amount of Chili Pepper.  Kudos to the recipe for being so informative and “user-friendly”

We devoured this in minutes and talked about it for hours.  We craved it within a day and made it again the next night.
‘Cept we ran out of noodles.  So it was literally chicken, a half bag of bean sprouts and chives.  If we couldn’t have Pad Thai this was the best alternative.  I am not even embarrassed one bit to have told you that.  You would have enjoyed yourself if you were here.

It’s probably about time for an inTHAIvention.

By the way, feel free to praise me for studying my GRE Vocabulary again.  A “Laud”-le bit goes a long way!

Laud: a song or hymn of praise.

Oh my God, I’m amazingly clever.

Next time you hear from me I will be in Sunny SD!





3 thoughts on “Pefect Pad Thai

  1. I have sniffed that fish sauce……naaaaasty…..yet adds so so much….I agree, “don’t smell the fish sauce” btw have a great trip!

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