More Pie Please

There are two very special times of the year that the friends and family of the strong, intelligent but very domesticated women in my family look forward to.

The 2nd weekend falls in early December and goes by the name of “Cookie Weekend”  I am not going to spoil my early December posts by giving you too much info, but if your stomachs are tickled with excitement right now, they should be.

The 1st and more relevant weekend was this weekend.  Pie Weekend. Four women, 25 pies, 2 hours of actual baking, remainder of time: foolery. It’s not my fault we can pump out 12.5 pies/hour.

All the pies are apple, the same filling I blogged about here: Red’s Try at Apple Pie.  The pie crust however, is much different then the one I previously blogged about, and I have been sworn to secrecy and threatened with my life if I ever made the recipe public.  So “ya’ll” can head to my house for a try if you want to experience the best apple pie in the world.

The point of this post isn’t to make you want what you can’t attain, so in the spirit of Pie Weekend, I am bringing you Kitchen Trial and Error’s recipe for Classic Peach Pie, which is what I ended up making with the other half of Butter Blog’s Basic Sweet Pastry.

About a month ago I stopped at a farm near where I grew up and picked up a half bushel of peaches.  I have  driven by this place hundreds if not thousands of times over my life and only stopped in for the first time last month.  My loss.

I greatly over-estimated the amount of peaches one person could consume, especially in a week (as I was preparing to leave for San Diego).  What do you do with extra peaches and pie pastry?

I am still so into everything-mini.  There has been a general consensus among my usual taste testers to start eating healthier, which is great for them but bad for me.  So my strategy is to use portion control as my front line and continue to feed people my after-hours projects. Plus, this has to count as at least one serving of fruits and vegetables…

And more importantly, if the pie wasn’t mini could you do this?

This photo wasn’t staged.  After I snapped the pic I placed my camera down and proceeded to eat the rest of this nugget of love.  I know, cooked fruit… I went for it.  It was pleasantly good.  And I am doing the actual taste of the pie a disservice because I don’t like cooked fruit.  But for those that did, the reviews were raving.

It’s the time of Pie Season.  What fruit are you loving?





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