Death by Vocabulary, Revival by Cookies

I have decided to talk to you for a bit in order to distract myself from the anxiety attack that is about to go down.  Similar to when I was writing up my thesis, I promise you that after this Thursday, I will never mention the GREs again.

Even though I have convinced myself that there is life after the GREs, spending 4 hours failing Verbal Reasoning practice tests really stirs up that panic running through your blood stream.  I don’t have the extensive vocabulary that ETS may want me to have, however I am more then content with my communication skills.  So what if I don’t use words like impetuous and inveigle…nobody would understand me if I did!!!

So, I have to use every ounce of self-control to continue study.

Somebody once told me that we only have a certain amount of self-control.  If you focus all of your self-control into one area, let’s say..studying, then all of your other vices emerge, shopping, leaving wet towels on the floor, throwing compost in the garbage, swearing, {hmm…I have a lot of vices}, eating lots and lots of these…


This cookie really doesn’t need an explanation of why it is so tasty because it’s like…a cookie. Buuuttt, since I am procrastinating I will give you every chewy detail.  Also, I will give it to you in list form to satisfy my right brain since my left brain is utterly exhausted from vocabulary…-ing. {See!?}

1. It’s a cookie.
2. Chocolate chip overload
3. Cinnamon: the ultimate comfort food
4. Tough exterior, dense gooey inside.
5. Oats= +10 healthy points ’cause I said so!!
6. Makes lots, freezes well (if self-control is on your side).

The recipe for these Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies came from How Sweet It Is.  A not so well known fact is that the first time I tried to make these cookies I failed miserably.  This novice chef substituted margarine for butter {*GASP*}, and instead of “browning the butter”  I managed to transform the margarine into a 50% solid, 50% liquid, 100% inedible mixture.  To grasp for any sign of hope for Thursday, I am going to use this story as a metaphor for how I am going to do on Verbal Reasoning.

Now being the pot of watery margarine crud, and test day being this…

The only thing holding me together between now and Test Day is the Holiday Special Baking Edition of Canadian Living.  I am already working on one of their drool-worthy recipes as we speak.
And obviously while I wait for those little pieces of heaven to come out of the oven I will continue to assuage my stress with these heavenly treasures of comfort and happiness. {Assuage is the one word that I have been able to remember and I will use it in every sentence I can and in a perfect world it would be the answer to every question. Thanks in advance big man!}

Also, I was just thinking… don’t you wish every time you ordered an espresso, a cup full of chocolate chips was handed to you instead? Baristas, take note.





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