Your Warm, Soup-Alternative

I am typing to you as a one-handed sad clown as I just shaved off a layer of skin on my other hand on a piece of glass.  Don’t worry, I’m okay.  I mean, I almost threw up when I saw the blood gushing from my child-sized finger but other than that and the light-headed/shortness of breath… I am perfectly A-okay.  My intuition that told me Med School wasn’t for me makes so much more sense now.

So before we get on with one of my all-time favourite recipes I am going to give you a 4 sentence lecture.  DO NOT STICK YOUR HAND IN A GLASS WHEN HAND WASHING IT.  It is dangerous.  I know just like me you have heard it a hundred times, but again just like me you are not above this, your glasses are NOT unbreakable and this CAN happen to you.  I am lucky it was only a few layers of skin.

Also I need to stop thinking that I am immune to any bad stories other people tell me. I am the Queen of “yeah-wow-that-really-sucks-for-you-that-won’t-ever-happen-to-me-thanks-anyway-for-the-warning-‘ppreciate-it”.

Ok, I am ready.

SO! How about this weather lately.  It is so cold outside I would love to settle for a nice bowl of soup for every meal 24-7.  Sadly not all of us have time during the week to commit to making soup, between a full time job, school, and my own interpretation of a social life (doing non-social things in a public setting counts as socializing, right?). So if you are looking for something warm and hearty that doesn’t need to boil for 5 hours here is the perfect recipe for you:

I found the recipe for these Warm Winter Chickpeas on How Sweet It Is last winter and it immediately became a side dish staple in my kitchen.  There are so many different textures and flavours in this salad and the best part is it is served very warm on very cold days.

It also makes a great lunch-leftovers the next day.

I didn’t include any bacon in this recipe and used almonds rather than pecans (for no particular reason other than those were what I had in my pantry).

This is a very filling dish! Like really really filling.  It is more filling than the most filling dish you could think of right now.  You should feel full right now after just looking at the pictures.

It also looks and sounds way more impressive than it should given its actual difficulty to make– or lack there of.  The hardest part is saying “when” as you sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top…

So when it is cold out, and you are in a pinch and you conveniently have two working hands to cook with you can rely on this dish to hit the spot.




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