The Dinner That Keps On Giving

Giving is the theme of the day.  How appropriate with all of Fall’s harvest being collected right now.

There is seriously nothing that feels better than giving someone something that they need or appreciate or love.  That is why I love Christmas so much.  I am more interested in watching other people open the gifts that I give them than opening up my own presents.  This is not to say I don’t love receiving presents; I love receiving presents.  What I am saying is that when you find that perfect gift for someone, the gift that you know they really want but aren’t expecting, you can’t help but giggle yourself to death picturing them opening it.

Like for Jessica’s 22 birthday, when I found out her favourite author Chuck Palahniuk sends out personally inscribed books when you order them through his hometown book store.  Ya.  I requested: “To Jessica, Happy 22nd Birthday, Love Chuck”.  I got: “To Jessica, meow meow, tweet tweet, moooooo, bark, growl signed Chuck Palahniuk.” He is weird but she is so into it and therefore I loved it.  I almost fainted when I placed the order.

So you get the point; giving can be as exhilarating as receiving.

Now when you make this Ratatouille recipe from it gives Monday night and Tuesday night, but also Wednesday to Thursday.  And the longer you let all of the fantastic vegetables and spices intermingle, the more this recipe gives.

I have to admit the zucchini really was the star of this dish.  It was the perfect texture and absorbed the flavours of the other vegetables the best. It was hearty and filling and disturbingly healthy.  Really though, you almost hate yourself for eating something that is so good for you that you have to go get oreo cookie-smothered froyo.  I am not saying it happened, I am just suggesting that some people might want to do it.  It happened actually but only the first night.  The second night I got graham crackers and white chocolate chips on top and the last two nights I didn’t get any toppings! (Go me!)

Go out and buy your vegetables, and white you let this giving meal stew for you, stew some ideas of your own on how you can give to others.

My gears are turning friends.




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