Pumpkin-Spiced Life

The leaves have fallen, the pumpkins have been carved and now, it is time to eat.

I am not going to pretend like I didn’t buy canned pumpkin puree because frankly, before this post I wasn’t even sure I liked pumpkin at all very much. The smell of the inside of a pumpkin is more than enough to make close-minded Red say hellz-no to pumpkin pie for the first 21 years of her life.

But I am not close-minded anymore.  And I am not the same Red I was a year ago. *Cue dramatic music*

This recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Granola Bars was one of two recipes from Two Peas and Their Pod that managed to change my mind about pumpkin and its place in my kitchen {part two to follow soon…}.

I can’t help but think it may have something to do with a certain spice that could probably bring world peace if it was given a chance.

You don’t have to say it out loud but think really hard about what it could be.  If you are an avid LRD reader (that would be directed at my mom and dad…I expect they are a majority of the viewership I receive on the blog) you better get this one right.

If either of you get this wrong you owe me a one hour, all expenses paid free-for-all in Williams Sonoma.  Did I over-shoot that a bit? I think…is it realistic? But maybe… thanks?

Okay it’s cinnamon obviously.

Cinnamon is just one of a few heart-warming spices that went into these granola bars.

Being my first time making homemade granola bars, I made my way through this recipe blind about what to expect.  Adding the pumpkin puree to these granola bars made them really soft so if you plan on trying this out make sure to indulge in them in private.  The last thing you want is to bite into these in front of someone else and have it melt apart into three different pieces in your hands.  And then when one piece falls on the floor, you are forced to run a cost-benefit analysis on whether it is worth the scrutiny from the bystander if you picked up that delicious punch of flavour off the floor and ate it.  And you pick it up and eat it anyways because as my reader, I know you are just that passionate about food.  Especially food made with cinnamon. Solitude just gets that food in your mouth quicker.


1. Pumpkins are for more than just watching your friends carve because they are too smelly to touch yourself.

2. Homemade granola bars are really easy and you control every single ingredient that goes into them and I can think of 10 more reasons why we should do it more frequently.

3.Cinnamon is the essence of my existence.




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