The Classics

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Did I ever tell you that Dirty Dancing is my all-time favourite movie of life and probably after-life? I know, you are thinking “What about She’s the Man?” I am really good at splitting my loyalties between the two.  And … Continue reading

Death by Vocabulary, Revival by Cookies

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I have decided to talk to you for a bit in order to distract myself from the anxiety attack that is about to go down.  Similar to when I was writing up my thesis, I promise you that after this … Continue reading

So-Cal Stole my Heart

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I am writing this post for you with my tail between my legs.  It has been long. Too long.  Unnecessary.  I am not going to lie, I considered copping out today too.  I started writing this post on August 28th. … Continue reading

Baking for One

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It’s no fun when you are baking for one… For starters, how do you measure 1/24th of an egg? As a result you have to eat everything yourself.  That also requires a new wardrobe accompanied by a plethora of health … Continue reading

Elephant Ears

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Unexpected dinner guests? In a pinch? Make this impressive appetizer! It’s a cinch! Don’t worry, I am disturbed by that rhyme too… But seriously, if you are going to a part-A and need something that looks like it took a … Continue reading