In Memory…

Today is a very sad day.  We lost an amazing soul today.

Our dear friend John was a neighbour to some, a dear friend to many and family to all.

Many years ago John had a close encounter with death.  Lucky for all of us he was given a second chance at life.  The doctors gave him three years.  Thirteen years later I sit here writing this post.  I think John did such a good job fulfilling his purpose of his second chance, that whatever force you believe is acting on this earth (I believe it is God) decided to let him stay longer.  Help more people.  Make a bigger difference.

To give you an idea of the John I knew, when doctors told him to eat healthy and avoid alcohol you could find John at the pub eating the food he loved with the friends he loved having a pint of beer.  When the doctors told him to slow down, take it easy, you could find John on the roof of the house doing what (?!? does anybody know?) or lifting heavy furniture or other odd things that you wouldn’t question because of course, it was John.  Then there were his insightful words, which I could never repeat to you because I couldn’t understand a word he said through his thick Irish accent.  If it weren’t for his three lovely daughters to translate, I would have no idea how much he adored me and my family.  And there is his lovely wife, who was always so patient when John invited 50 people over for Sunday dinner.  Every beat John’s heart took was a meaningful one.

There were talks that John’s memorial would have to take place in a hockey arena.  Where else could you place the over 1000 people attending?  There are thousands of people mourning his death right now.  How many of us would be able to say that about ourselves?

I still feel in shock.  Knowing this day would come does not prepare you for when it happens.  If everyone just spent one moment trying to emulate the man John was, the world would be a better place.

Cheers, John.


In Memory

John emceeing my mom’s wedding two years ago next week.


2 thoughts on “In Memory…

  1. Dee, These are beautiful words you have written that capture the beautiful person that John was and so say all of us. The Lewis Family

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