Just Enough of a Good Thing

Whoever came up with the saying “too much of a good thing” was clearly not referring to Thanksgiving.

In fact I think I am ready for a little more of this good thing right now as I make myself a leftover-turkey sandwich with a side of chocolate cake and then a half-side of apple pie.  I am going to probably end up eating a banana too which has absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

Don’t worry, my side of apple pie looks like this.  It is barely three bites.  Also, apple pie contains essential enzymes required to metabolize Thanksgiving turkey.

That fact is absolutely not true.  I have no problem lying to your face though.  Whoever celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend should have no problem believing it either if you ate as much food as I did and still plan on eating more pie…

You know what else wasn’t too much of a good thing?

Damn right I made more scones.

If you haven’t gone out and bought the Canadian Living Holiday Baking Special you need to get on that ASAP.

These are seriously the solution to all of your problems.

Except for that food baby Thanksgiving just impregnated you with…

But other than that these are total game changers.

These dried fruit and lemon scones are the second variation of Canadian Living’s “Finest Buttermilk Scones” that I have made in the last two weeks.  I used dried cherries, sultan raisins, currants and cranberries as the fruit in these scones.

I also made my own buttermilk since I didn’t have any (non-expired) buttermilk in my fridge! Who know that by adding 1 tbsp of white vinegar to 1 cup (less 1 tbsp) of milk you could make your own deliciously curdled milk buttermilk! {Sorry, I forget I have a stronger stomach than most people when it comes to talking about sour milk.  Me, the girl who drinks expired milk}.

Regardless of my home remedy, these scones taste just as delicious as the Lemon Poppy Seed ones I made last week.

So what was I thankful for this weekend?

I am thankful for everything that has been involved in making the last 9 months the best 9 months of my life.

And scones.

And the word YUM. {Caps required}




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